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Property Management Answering

You may manage 2 properties or 200, either way you have to be available for your residents 24/7. Here at Answering Services of New Hampshire, we understand that what you need is someone to filter your calls. With our answering services, you trust us to be available 24/7 and send only the top priority messages to you around the clock.

Business Answering

There aren’t enough hours in the day for you to get everything done, even just the top priorities. Do one less thing, let Answering Services of New Hampshire answer your calls.  We patch calls, take messages, answer questions, giving you back more time in the day.

Contractor Call Answering

On the job or off, you often find yourself multitasking. Next time the phone rings, don’t drop everything to answer it. Answering Services of New Hampshire will answer your calls, take down the message information and send it over your way immediately.  We can even call you or patch the call through for urgent calls.  Just know, that when you are dropping everything for a call, it is actually urgent.


Energy Answering

We know you get a wide variety of calls, especially when the snow hits, from questions, to emergencies, we fully understand the range of the calls and how to handle them.  Our operators take pride in answering your calls and becoming an extension of your business.  We understand the importance of your calls and will create a customized delivery with you.


Medical Answering

Managing any medical practice requires understanding the medical industry.  That includes HIPAA compliance, proper escalation, accurate data entry, etc.  When you have Answering Services of New Hampshire as your medical answering service, trust your calls are being handled by HIPAA trained agents and secure messaging.

See what our customers say.

“Answering Services of New Hampshire dispatches my calls to the right people around the clock.  This saves me time and stress.”

Elliott Energy Supply Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

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