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Medical Answering

Every medical call is different and we’ve handled a ton of them. We know the patient that needs a prescription refill and the one that is worried about her baby.  We not only know the calls, we understand them and the level of care needed for each call.

Our agents go through extensive training for customer service and HIPAA Compliance to make sure that your customers are always cared for. While you can’t answer every call with the same care you provide in person, hire an answering service that represents the care your customers need.

We also offer secure messaging options that are HIPAA Compliant to keep your patients information safe and secure.  You can count on Answering Services of New Hampshire to continue to stay on top of industry trends and in the know about HIPAA Compliance.

See what our customers say.

“Answering Services of New Hampshire dispatches my calls to the right people around the clock.  This saves me time and stress.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

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