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Property Management Answering

Apartments, condos, houses, you manage it all but how do you manage time in the day to answer all of the calls?

Let Answering Services of New Hampshire give you time back in your day and take the calls off of your  to do list.  When you answer a call, you get side tracked from what you were doing and derailed from your priorities.  Not everything is urgent and needs to be handled right then and there.

That’s where we come in. Answering Services of New Hampshire only answers calls and delivers messages, your calls are our focus.  That’s all we do and we are good at it. 24 hours, 7 days a week, we have your properties covered.

Our team is trained in answering calls and escalating them properly.  Your account manager learns about your properties, how you like your calls answered, which calls are emergencies, and how you like to receive your messages.

See what our customers say.

“Answering Services of New Hampshire dispatches my calls to the right people around the clock.  This saves me time and stress.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

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