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Why you need us?

We know you can do it all.  Job descriptions have expanded, work hours have grown, you are dedicated.  We get it, but we also are here to help.

There are a lot of things on your calendar that only you can do, that you need to do and that take priority. Calls though, are not one of them. On average over half of the calls that come in to your line are not urgent.  How many times though do you find yourself stopping work to answer them, then taking time to refocus on the work at hand?

Our answering service can answer your calls for you, then give you the urgent messages right away and the other messages later in the day. We know you are extremely busy, setting an account up can take as little as 15 minutes.

Are you ever in the middle of a report of some sort and you receive calls?  The first is a vendor you’ve been trying to get in touch with regarding a quote.  The second is a customer with a question about hours. The third is a sales call. If you answer all three, that totals at least 30 minutes away from the project due to time to answer then remember where you were.  However, if you were forwarding your calls, that totals to zero.  Answering Services of New Hampshire would have answered all three calls.  The first we could have taken a detailed message or patched the call through if it was urgent. The second we could have answered their question for you, not disturbing you at all.  The third we could have taken a message and delivered it later.

We understand that handing over your calls to another company can be hard, but trust that our operators are trained in customer service and understand the importance of every call.  Sign up today and give yourself more time in 2016.

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